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How to Burn Calories

  1. Free yourself for  exercise.  Manage to find time after work,  Bring a change of clothes and throw a baseball in the parking lot with a colleague, go for a walk/run, or maybe drive to a nearby gym or park for some quick cardio.
  2. Make a group . Group classes (like Total Body Training) are extremely fun and you’ll make friends — workout buddies, as we call them on the street.  You’ll keep each other accountable and ensure each other keeps showing up.
  3. Lift weights. It’s one thing to do cardio all the live long day and become skin and bones, but muscles really define you and can make you proud of the way you look.  While I’ve been happy with losing the weight and getting skinnier in the mirror, it simply looked like I was deflating so to speak.  It wasn’t until a few months ago when I started lifting weights that I really started becoming pleased with the way my body was transforming.
  4. Join training sessions. Trainers are expensive, but only a couple of sessions can give you the motivation and more importantly the knowledge to lose weight and proper exercise techniques.
  5. Play a sport. I joined softball and I’m absolutely in love with it, it’s a fun way to burn calories.  No matter how gun ho you are about losing weight, getting on a treadmill every day of your life will get boring eventually.
  6. Take time to make a good workout Fast, upbeat music can really spice up a workout and give you longer, more intense workouts.  It’s been proven that music increases workout effectiveness  made that up.
  7. Find a workout buddy. Your workout buddy is an accountability partner in some ways, but often times a workout buddy is simply that — someone to workout with and socialize to while you’re on the treadmill for an hour.
  8. Become an expert at one exercise. While you’ll definitely want to vary as you continue your weight loss journey, find one exercise you want to become an expert at and dominate it.  Whether it’s running, bike riding, the elliptical, playing a sport, find an exercise you like and make it challenge you.  There are almost unlimited levels of difficulty and intensity, so you can find something to keep you occupied for literally years.
  9. Dance, sing, and make love. All of these burn calories and are really fun.  Learn to live and love life by doing activities that burn calories — turn off the television and get moving.
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