Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to Grow Taller Fast

Height depends more on genetics but there are some other factors that can helps you to grow taller naturally. There are many products that claim for the miraculous increase in height but the experts say that the only trusted trick to grow taller fast is to have well balanced diet, exercise and good sleep.

 Things to hurt growing height

If you like to grow taller fast ,you must remain away from  Caffeine, smoking, alcohol and junk foods like fast food,colas and sodas,and fried foods. These are the major factors that can stunt your height.There are more chances to grow taller fast up to age of 25.After the age of 25 your growth plates have closed and your height will not increase.So if you are still growing, read on the best natural ways to grow taller.

Stretching Exercise:

 Exercise is on top of the list of important factors that increase height naturally. We see that the boys and girls who are energetic and active in sports have good height. It is a fact that young people need more exercise to become taller naturally. Do some exercise, join a gym, swimming, jumping, hanging etc. for at least half an hour will help you to grow taller fast and healthier. Find some stretching exercises on the internet as they are very helpful to improve your posture and makes you look taller.
Pelvic shift, cobra stretch, table stretch, calf stretch are few stretching exercises that can help you to gain height.

Balanced Diet:

 Healthy and balanced diet is another key factor to grow taller naturally. According to research study shows too much intake of sugar and unhealthy food can destruct the body’s capacity to grow. Proteins, calcium, vitamin and Zinc are necessary nutrients to help bones to grow. Deficiency of all the minerals and vitamins can slow down growth.  Meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products are good healthy food to grow taller fast.Diet and height also have indirect relation; good diet is responsible for liveliness which is a motivation for working out.

Beauty sleep:  

 Getting 8 to 11 hours of sleep every night helps to grow taller naturally. Studies show that height growth hormones (HGH) are produced during deep sleep at night. Long term sleep deprivation disturbs the production of hormones which leads to height stunt. Today’s 24 hour busy routine is harming teen’s natural ability to grow taller due to not getting enough sleep.

Good posture:

 Having a good posture cannot actually increase your height but it makes you look heighted. It is the basic thing that people miss out when they want to be taller. Stand straight, do not slink when walking and sit upright in a comfortable position. This change in your style makes you look taller.