Wednesday, 7 November 2012

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Great Weight Loss Secrets

  1. By altering your life style you can start your journey to lose weight quickly.
Don’t consume fast food.
Avoid eating anything after 9 pm.
Limit your meals three times a day to two times.
Drink more water.

Important: Flat Belly
  1. Try to early breakfast. , don’t eat late: the earlier you eat, the sooner you’re metabolic whatever kicks in. The earlier you stop eating, the longer your body spends processing the day’s food and then burn your body fat during sleep.
  2. Have appropriate sleep: when you sleep, you burn fat. So you must sleep 7-8 hours. It’s good for you and for your weight.
  3. Don’t drink beer, Vodka or crabs. These all drinks have more calories and all that useless crap your body doesn’t need.
  4. Set your goals to lose weight, when you achieve a goal Celebrate your victories.
  5.  Adopt the ways to motivations; don’t just make it about weight loss. Track your waist size, take measurements, and really track anything you can cause that number on the scale isn’t the only thing changing. Take pictures to show how stuff looks even if it isn’t changing on the scale.
  6.  When you going to eat, keep in mind eating better is easier than exercising more.
  7. Walk more. Make a group of 2-3 peoples who are also trying to loose weight, This will encourage you to your journey of loosing weight,30 minutes of daily walk is necessary.


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